North east itinerary , covering Sikkim , assam and meghalaya , my tour plan

puri rathyatra North east is a beautiful part of india. Assam , Meghalaya and Sikkim , These three places were in our tour plan ...

puri rathyatra

North east is a beautiful part of india. Assam , Meghalaya and Sikkim , These three places were in our tour plan . When we were booking we add Puri and Kolkata in this trip . The Itinerary became very long . we booked train tickets delhi to puri . after reaching puri we traveled by local auto and bus. second train was bhubneshwar to kolkata.3rd one was kolkata to Njp. 4th one was from Njp to Guwahti . 5th one was Guwahti to Delhi .

In this Tour we saw preparing of Rathyatra . After facing super hot atmosphere of kolkata we entered  in cool and high Sikkim. Darjeeling and pashupati nagar ( in Nepal ) was in our route . the king of wet places on earth cherrapunji was very beautiful . in Shillong I lost my camera and Guwahti was also very hot . So here is the day by day itinerary of this tour . We were 4 Family including a cute and small girl. ( 3 couple 2 ladies and one girl ) . total cost was for us (me and my wife ) 40,000. (including new camera in shillong cost 5000).

Please click links for more detail in Hindi Or view deeply of Photos of this trip .   

Day 1- board train from delhi at 6 am in the morning . overnight in the train .
Day 2 - reached puri at 9 am. Start puri local tour including Narender sarovar , Gundicha temple ,  Jagganath ji temple , Puri beach, Stay at puri .

1- puri rathyatra ,पुरी , पुरी रथयात्रा , जगन्नाथ रथयात्रा
2- jagganath temple puri . जगन्नाथ मंदिर पुरी
3-puri view points. नरेन्द्र सरोवर , पुरी
4-when jagganth ji get ill.जब जगन्नाथ जी बीमार हुए
5--puri city
6- jaggnath ji chale sasural ,जगन्नाथ जी चले ससुराल
7-gundicha temple , puri ,गुंडिचा मंदिर , पुरी 
8-Beautiful beach of puri ,पुरी का बेहतरीन समुद्र तट 

Day 3 - Booked bus ticket for chilka lake . all day in chilka lake . 

9-Puri to Chilka lake ,पुरी से​ चिलका झील
10-Chilka lake tour , odisha ,चिलका लेक , उडीसा की यात्रा 

Day 4- Booked a Three Wheeler for full day . we traveled Konark , Dhauli , Bhubneshwar and Nandan kanan park in a day . in the evening the auto leave us on bhubneshwar railway station . overnight in the train .

11-tour of triangle by three wheeler ,तिपहिया से त्रिकोण की यात्रा , puri , odisha
12-Chandrabhaga beach , Konark , odisha ,चन्द्रभागा समुद्र तट , कोणार्क , उडीसा
13-Sun temple of Konark , कोणार्क का सूर्य मंदिर , ओडिशा
14- Konark sun temple erotic figures , कोणार्क में कामुक शिल्प चित्रण
15-Dhauli buddhist stoop , Bhubaneshwar , odisha ,धौली स्तूप ,भुवनेश्वर , ओडिशा
16-Lingraj temple , kedar gauri temple , bhubaneshwar ,लिंगराज , केदार गौरी मंदिर ,भुवनेश्वर
17-Nandan kanan , bhubneshwar , odissa ,सफेद शेरो वाला नंदन कानन वन्य अभ्यारन्य , 

Day 5- Reached kolkata in the morning . searched for hotel and after find it did local tour of kolkata city with a taxi. victoria memorial , Kalibari temple , Birla planetarium was in the tour . in the evening we spend some time in new market.

1- Victoria memorial , Kolkata ,विक्टोरिया मैमोरियल , कोलकाता ,प0बंगाल
2-Kolkata city , west bangal ,कोलकाता शहर , प0बंगाल
3-Kalibari , Birla planetarium , Kolkata ,कालीबाडी , बिरला प्लेनेटेरियम , कोलकाता 

Day 6- We booked another taxi for all day . in this day we saw Secience city , Dakshineshwar temple and belur math . in the evening taxi leaved us at railway station for njp . overnight at train . from dakshineshwar kali temple to Belur math we enjoyed boat ride in hugli also . 

4-science city , kolkata , west bangal , साइंस सिटी , कोलकाता , प0 बंगाल
5-Dakshineshwar kali mandir , Kolkata , West bangal ,दक्षिणेश्वर काली मंदिर , कोलकाता
6-Belur Math , Kolkata , west bangal ,बेलूर मठ और जलपाई गुडी के लिये प्रस्थान

Day 7 - Reach NJP in the morning . searched for travel agent and after finding a good deal we leave njp for Gangtok . reached gangtok in the evening and searched for hotel . night stay at gangtok  . ( From this day our trip of sikkim and darjeeling was booked for taxi only.

 1-Njp to gangtok ,न्यूजलपाई गुडी से गंगटोक , Sikkim 

Day 8 - today was day of  sightseeing of Changu lake and Baba harbhajan temple . in the evening we were free for mg road . night stay at gangtok . 

2-Gangtok City ,sikkim ,गंगटोक शहर , सिक्किम
3-Changu lake ,Sikkim ,छांगू लेक , सिक्किम
4-Baba harbhajan temple , sikkim , बाबा हरभजन मंदिर , सिक्किम
5-Elephant lake and fall,sikkim ,एलिफेंटा लेक और झरना , सिक्किम
6-MG road , Gangtok, sikkim ,एम जी रोड , गंगटोक , सिक्किम 

Day 9- we left   gangtok city and board in a taxi for Lachung . Full day tour to reach lachung . Night stay at lachung . in the way saw many waterfalls .

7-To Lachung , Gangtok , Sikkim , लाचुंग के लिये , गंगटोक , सिक्किम
8- seven sister fall , sikkim , gangtok, सेवन सिस्टर फाल , गंगटोक ​, सिक्किम
9-Naga fall , gangtok , sikkim, नागा फाल , गंगटोक ​, सिक्किम
10-Bold and Beautiful roads of Sikkim , खतरनाक रास्तो के साथ सफर
11-lachung main stay, लाचुंग में रात्रि विश्राम 

 Day 10 - Start for yumthang vally . After spending time in yumthang vally afternoon we traveled for gangtok. in the evening spent some time in the city . night stay at darjeeling .

12-vally of flowers ,यूमथांग वैल्ली , वैल्ली आफ फलावर
13-Lachung to Gangtok , लाचुंग से गंगटोक 

Day 11- This was the day of gangtok local sightseeing tour . in the afternoon we traveled for darjeeling . night stay at darjeeling . 

14--Gangtok local sightseeing , गंगटोक के स्थानीय पर्यटक स्थल 

Day 12- Local tour of darjeeling including tea gardens and buddhist monestries . stay at darjeeling .

Day 13 - early morning start for Njp via Mirik lake and pashupati nagar in nepal . ( we crossed border for 3 hours for shopping. )  in the night catched the train for guwahti . overnight in the train .
Day 14- Reached guwahti and booked a texi for shillong . after reaching shillong I lost my camera. in the evening bought a new one .

Shillong Arrival and Story of Camera lost , शिलांग आगमन और कैमरा गुम होना 

 Day 15- Booked a maruti 800 Taxi for day tour to eco park , Nokhali fall , pillor rock , seven sister fall and bangladesh border . night stay at shillong .

Nokhali waterfall , shillong , Meghalaya, नौखाली फाल , शिलांग , मेघालय
Bamboo flower ,Shillong meghalaya ,बांस के फूल,शिलांग , मेघालय
eco park , cherapunji , shillong , ईको पार्क , चेरापूंजी , शिलांग
Pillor Rock , Cherrapunji , meghalaya ,पिलर राक , चेरापूंजी , मेघालय
Cherrapunji , seven sister fall , meghalaya , सात कन्या झरना , थंगखरंग पार्क , चेरापूंजी 

Day 16 - booked a Sumo for day tour of elephanta fall , shillong peak , asia`s cleanest village and living root bridge. night stay at shillong . 
Elephanta fall , cherrapunji , meghalaya , ऐलीफेंटा फाल , एयरफोर्स म्यूजियम , चेरापूंजी , मेघालय
Shillong peak and police bazaar , Shillong ,शिलांग पीक और पुलिस बाजार , शिलांग , मेघालय
Shillong peak to Riwai village ,meghalaya ,शिलांग पीक से रिवाई गांव ,मेघालय
riwai village , meghalaya ,रिवाई गांव , मेघालय
living root bridge , meghalaya ,लीविंग रूट ब्रिज , मेघालय 
Tree House , meghalaya ,ट्री हाउस , मेघालय
Natural balancing rock , cherrapunji , meghalaya , नेचुरल बैलेसिंग राक , चेरापूंजी , मेघालय
 asia`s Cleanest village , mawlynnong,meghalaya,एशिया का सबसे स्वच्छ गांव , मेघालय  
cherrapunji to shillong , meghalaya ,चेरापूंजी से शिलांग , मेघालय 

Day 17-local sight seeing shillong and traveled for Guwahti . after reaching guwahti searched for hotel and food .  night stay at guwahti .

 ward lake , shillong ,वार्डस लेक , शिलांग
umiam lake ( bara pani) , Shillong , उमियाम (बडा पानी) झील , शिलांग 

Day -18 -Guwahti local tour  including kamakhya temple , tirupati balaji temple and vashishtha temple , regional science center and Umananda temple in peacock island . in the night caught train for delhi . overnight in the train .

1-Kaziranga National Park, Assam
2-kamakhya temple , Assam ,( 51 Shaktipeeth ) योनि की पूजा , अदभुत कामाख्या मंदिर , गुवाहटी , आसाम
3-Tirupati balaji temple ,guwahti ,तिरूपति बालाजी मंदिर , गुवाहटी
4-Vashistha ashram ,Guwahti , assam, वशिष्ठ आश्रम , गुवाहटी , आसाम
5- Regional Science Centre, Guwahati, popularly known as Science Museum 

Day 19 - all the day in the train . in the night we reached our home .

narendra sarovar puri
chilka lake
konark temple
puri food
victoria memorial
way to sikkim
a beautiful fall in meghalaya
mizo dance
way to lachung
roads of sikkim
pillor rock
living root bridge
asia`s cleanest village




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TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron: North east itinerary , covering Sikkim , assam and meghalaya , my tour plan
North east itinerary , covering Sikkim , assam and meghalaya , my tour plan
TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron
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