air asia flight tickets offers ,Tips and Tricks

Because there are four to five flights on the same route from the same airport on each day and 5 seats in a flight and AirAsia operates flights in more than 20 countries, even then there are lakhs of seats. Apart from this, the time of sale is between 3 to 6 months

Recently, a post was posted on Facebook showing an air Asia flight tickets offer from Bhubaneswar to Malaysia. The sale was started on that day and AirAsia had announced the ticket without any base fare from Bhubaneswar to Johor Bahru. Only tax was to be paid in these tickets. I also did a search and on October 30, the ticket from Bhubaneswar to Malaysia was available for only Rs 999. The second ticket was for Bhubaneswar returning from Johor for Rs 1500 on 12 November. In just Rs 2500, come and go in Malaysia. You cannot get such an air Asia flight tickets offers for more than Delhi to Chandigarh. And it seems very strange to travel abroad so cheaply. But this is true and it has been done by AirAsia which is Malaysia's airlines.

Even there was nothing special, but one thing surprised me all of a sudden. There is a Facebook friend who commented that all these are swindlers and they talk nonsense and those who tell them are cheating. His reaction was as if he had been cheated earlier whereas to my knowledge he has not traveled abroad yet.

If seen, I can ignore that let him speak but many people in our Whatsapp Group also wanted information about this and as soon as they saw on the AirAsia site on the same date, the ticket had become expensive rather than this rate. Now many people over there said that we didn't get to see this rate, how did you get it?

So I thought that I should tell you in this post what I have learned from my little wisdom and some experience, but before writing this post, let me tell you that I am writing this post only on AirAsia. Secondly, I should tell you that I have not yet traveled from AirAsia but have definitely made tickets for friends and that too cheap. I have also booked my own but I have not traveled on them till writing this post. Before booking AirAsia tickets, I thought very carefully about their profit and loss and only after that I booked tickets for myself and friends and the one who helped the most in this is Amar Singh Solanki ji, who hails from Bhilwara Rajasthan and runs his own travel agency.

So here I will try to tell you the business model of Air Asia flight tickets offers and also I would like to tell you why you should travel to AirAsia and why not?

So first let's talk about AirAsia. AirAsia is a Malaysian airline and has a different business model. The company promises to provide the cheapest tickets and gives it also as there are many examples of this. Neither the company has given me any promotion money nor they told their secret. Still, what I am telling you is a reflection of my little understanding that How AirAsia makes money even after giving such cheap tickets?

Sale - First of all, AirAsia draws out the sale between a special date. These days, cheaper tickets than usual are available on the basis of first come, first served but take care of what business is in it?
The business in this is that the seats which are sold in the sale are at least one and at most 5 in each flight. The lower the fare, the lesser the seat will be, but I have not seen more than 5 in each flight in any sale. So why only 5 seats?

Because there are four to five flights on the same route from the same airport on each day and 5 seats in a flight and AirAsia operates flights in more than 20 countries, even then there are lakhs of seats. Apart from this, the time of sale is between 3 to 6 months, then you can multiply. Now the company gets free publicity due to this sale and 5 seats. People break down and even at times the site also crashes. The rating of the site rises and they promote this sale from newspaper to TV free of cost.
There are many people who go to see it but when they look at cheap tickets, then they book them. These are potential customers who could have been of any other company but now they are of AirAsia.

What to get in a cheap seat? - If you have booked a cheap seat, you will only get a seat to sit. I'm not joking. You get an option at the time of booking a cheap AirAsia ticket in which you are asked to choose a package with a seat. You want to choose or not, it's up to you. But If you do not take it, then you'll only get a seat for traveling.

So what is not other than the seat?

Limit of weight - Where the other airline lets you allow the two types of weight in which you can take to 7 kg in the cabin and 15 to 20 kg you can take in the luggage. Whereas AirAsia only allows you to take one kind of weight, which is valid at 7 kg only in the cabin. If your weight exceeds then you have to pay for it. And this money will be as per the kg, but it is not that if 1 kg is increased then you'll pay only for one kg. A charge of a minimum of 10 kg will be charged even if the weight is less than 10 kg, but if it exceeds then the next package will be charged. So if you are really a stroller who can store the two pairs of clothes, camera and other necessities in a small bag including the weight of the bag in 7 kg, then these cheap ticket is for you. Well, it becomes easy with family because even if there are 4 people, a camera, medicine, and many things can be common. While the weight becomes 4 times the limit. So know that if you are going to carry more weight then these cheap tickets are not for you.

Freedom to choose a seat - Although other airlines also charge for this AirAsia charges much higher. Up to Rs, 1000 or more may have to be paid for a window seat. The seats you get in the sale are the least preferred seats.

Price of food separately - AirAsia flight will not include the cost of food in cheap tickets, for this, you will have to pay separately.

Selection of Airport - AirAsia forces you to follow their terms, not that of the customer if you want a cheap ticket and if you don't want it, they are ready according to you.

In countries where AirAsia operates its flight, it chooses an airport for its base near the main airport. From India to Australia, Thailand, Malaysia this is the case in every country. If you look in India, you will find that instead of New Delhi, AirAsia has made its base 250 kilometers away in Jaipur and from here tickets of Thailand, Malaysia, etc. are direct and cheaper than in New Delhi. If you are getting 15000 return tickets from New Delhi to Thailand and AirAsia is giving you directly from Jaipur for 10,000, what will you do? If we go from Delhi, there will be a stay and change in Kolkata but it is directly from Jaipur. If you are a stroller, then you will book from Jaipur, because one thousand out of five thousand will cost more and you will save four thousand, which will work in visa fees as well as time will be less.

The same is in Thailand where AirAsia does not operate its flight from the main Swarnabhumi Airport but to another airport (DMK), which is about 70 km away. Not only this, AirAsia pays more attention to small city airports because they have to pay fewer fees here, also there is plenty of time. You also know how busy the schedule is at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Many times airplanes have to hover in the air even for 30 minutes. It does not happen at a relatively small base like Jaipur or Bhubaneswar. That is why AirAsia gives cheap tickets from new airports like Trichrapalli Airport, which you may not have even heard of, there are often 2300 Bangkok tickets from there.

Mathematics of Money - Right now when I am writing this post, the sale of AirAsia is going on in which you can book tickets from May 2018 to January 2019. Strange but true that these cheap tickets are from next year to next year and AirAsia will use the money you give, from 6 months to one year. Now if you are a businessman or even a relative of a businessman then you will know what the real game is. There will also be some interest of crores of rupees collected from sale tickets and If the business is there, how many times can this money be rotated into it in 6 months.

Mathematics of cancellation - Know one thing before traveling in AirAsia and make sure that all the cheap tickets of this airline are non- refundable. It means that if your trip was canceled for any reason, then your money will be gone. And this is the direct savings to the airline which has no match. When we book our train tickets, we are also hopeful of waiting over 100 that our waiting list will be cleared somewhere after 1 month because the program of many people is canceled. Therefore only the airline can tell the correct percentage but for some people, for personal reasons and some percentage because of visa, etc., it is also canceled.

So you cannot take this airline easily who operates in more than 20 countries and 400 flights daily. Even if you are a luxury traveler, you have the advantage of choosing it because the facilities like premium flatbeds are also the cheapest of this airline. One more thing that I had told you, in the beginning, was that after seeing the value of my ticket, many people searched on the same date, and found it to be expensive, why did it happen? This happened because you must have heard a word called dynamic pricing. Now this word is not unknown even for our Indian Railways, so the airline uses this price first. Even if there is a sale, the airline money is never fixed. They keep on increasing automatically as the number of seat decreases and when it comes to 5 seats of the sale and there are big and quick clicks on them, it is natural to increase them.

Another reason is that we search for tickets in Incognito mode or in Mozilla in a way called Private Tab. Often your browsers use your cookies and know what you are looking for and the same advertisements start showing you. So whenever you search, do it in Invisible mode. So it is not about Fraud but of little knowledge, increase your knowledge and move in the right direction.

I have given you this information acquired through my meager intelligence. If you are a stroller and want to travel around the world in less money, plus you have no problem with the date and month, then AirAsia will be your first choice. Provided planning on time and thinking that if we are unable to go then the money will be over.

If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding this post, then please tell in the comment.


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TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron: air asia flight tickets offers ,Tips and Tricks
air asia flight tickets offers ,Tips and Tricks
Because there are four to five flights on the same route from the same airport on each day and 5 seats in a flight and AirAsia operates flights in more than 20 countries, even then there are lakhs of seats. Apart from this, the time of sale is between 3 to 6 months
TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron
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