Popular Treks in Garhwal Uttrakhand

Garhwal is a beautiful place of Uttarakhand. There are some treks that tourists from abroad too come to do. Everything is there in Garhwal but the tre

Nag tibba trek

In my previous posts, I told you about the treks that could be done in a day. Today I am going to tell you some Popular Treks in Garhwal  region of Uttarakhand. I will tell you the treks of Kumaon region in the next post.

 Garhwal is a beautiful place of Uttarakhand. There are some treks that tourists from abroad too come to do. Everything is there in Garhwal but the treks are also of all types, can be done in every season and there are also those which every trekker dreams of doing. 

Har ki Doon - Starting from Taluka village, this track is of easy to moderate category. The maximum elevation of 3500 meters comes in this trek. This trek can be done from taluka to taluka in 4 days and has to walk about 50 km. In the treks of Har ki Doon, one can reach Jaundhar Glacier by spending one more day and can also reach Ruinsara Lake by spending two more days. These also are famous treks.


The program can be something like this.

First day –  from Taluka to Osla or Seema 14 to 15 km, 6 to 8 hours, 3000 meters

Second day – from Osla or Seema to Har ki Doon 11 km, 5 to 6 hours, 3500 meters

Third day – from Har ki Doon to Osla or Seema

Fourth day – from Osla to Taluka

A fit person can also do it in 3 days. The whole way is mixed with ups and downs. 

Har ki dun trek

Kedarkantha - Starting from Sankri village, this trek up to the peak of Kedarkantha is of easy to medium range. The maximum height is 4000 meters and in 3 days you can do this track in 24 kilometers. Kedarkantha and Har Ki Doon can also be done simultaneously. There is no need to go back to Sankari for this.


First day – from Sankri to Juda ka Talab or Base Camp, 6 to 8 kilometers approx., continuous ascents

The second day – from Base Camp to Kedarkantha peak and back to Base Camp or Juda ka Talab, 8 to 10 kilometers approx., continuous ascents to the peak and then descending

The third day – from Base Camp or Juda ka Talab to Sankri, 6 to 8 kilometers, landing

kedarkantha trek

Dodital - Walking from Sangam Chatti to Dodital Lake which is considered to be the birthplace of Ganesha, till here is of easy category. The maximum height of 3500 meters comes in this track and it can take 4 days to cover a distance of 50 kilometers. This trek can be increased one more day for doing from Dodital to Darva T0p and can also reach to Yamunotri through Darva Top. Both treks are also famous. One can also reach Dayara Bugyal from Dodital.


First day – from Sangam Chatti to Agora or Bevra, 6 to 8 kilometers, continuous ascents

Second day – from Bevra to Dodital, 15 kilometers, 6 to 8 hours, mixed way with ascents and descents

Third day – from Dodital to Sangam Chatti, approx. 22 kilometers, descents

Dodital lake

Dayara Bugyal - This trek, wrapped with white snow sheets in winter and relieves eyes in summer starts from Barsu village. It is situated at a height of 3400 meters. This easy category trek can be also done in 2 days and can also include nearby places, Bakariya Tap and other areas of Dayara in 3 days. To reach Dayara Bugyal, it takes around 16 kilometers.


First day – from Barsu to Dayara Bugyal, approx. 8 kilometers, 5 hours, continuous ascents

Second day – from Dayara to Barsu

dayara bugyal

Tungnath–Chandrashila  - Tungnath temple is situated at the highest in the world. It is a famous trek from Chopta to Tungnath and from there to Chandrashila peak. This peak is at the height of 4000 meters and its trek can be done in any of the seasons. Travel of10 kilometers in 1 day is in this trek. In this trek to reach Chopta in winters, you may have to walk more kilometers.

Tungnath trek

Kuari Pass - This is a famous trek from Auli to Gaurso Bugyal and from there to Kuari Pass. This trek of an easy category is at a maximum height of 3600 meters. This track can be done by traveling for 3 days and  40 kilometers. This track can be extended for a day till the Pangarchull peak. Not only this, by extending 3 more days from this Kuari Pass can also go to Ghat side. This trek can also be done in winters till Kuari Pass. Whereas in summer, the satiate of snow can be found in Pangarchulla.


First day – from Auli to Gaurso Bugyal, Tali / Chitrakantha Camp, 16 km

The second day – from Tali / Chitrakantha to Kuari Pass and back to Camp, 13 km

Third day – from Tali / Chitrakantha to Tapovan, 15 km, Tapovan to Joshimath by jeep

Tali lake kuari pass

vally of flower trek

Valley of Flowers and Haimkund Sahib trek - These are two different tracks from easy to the medium category but due to the same place and the same distance of 13 km, these treks are mostly done simultaneously. where one place is full of religiosity and another with natural beauty. The maximum height of this is 4300 meters. In this track, the 26 km distance from Govindghat to Ghangharia is the same for both the tracks, which is the base camp and after that Valley of Flowers 10 km and Haimkund Sahib 12 km, that means 48 kilometers in total.


First day – from Govindghat to Ghangharia, 13 km, continuous ascents

Second day – from Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers and back to Ghangharia, 8 to 10 kilometers

Third day – from Ghangharia to Haimkund Sahib and back to Ghangharia or Govindghat, 19 kilometers, descents

Hemkund sahib trek
Nandikund - Starting from Ransi village to Madamheshwar and from there to Nandikund, this trek is from medium to difficult category. There is a lot to do in this trek. This trek can also be done to Madmaheshwar which is of easy category. One can back from Nandikund by the same route and can also go to Kalpeshwar in another valley. The maximum height is 5200 meters and in this trek, one has to walk around 100 kilometers in 8 to 10 days.


First day – from Ransi to Madmaheshwar, 16 kilometers, mixed way, 3500 meters

Second day – from Madmaheshwar to Kachani Dhaar, 4500 meters, 12 km

Third day – from Kachani Dhaar to Pandav Sera, 4200 km, 12 km

Fourth day – from Pandavsera Valley to Nandikund, 4800 meters, 6 km

Fifth day – from Nandikund to Ghiya Vinayak Pass 5300 meters and Barma Valley 12 km

Sixth day – from Barma Valley to Bansinarayan, 15 km

Seventh day – from Bansinarayan to Urgam, Kalpeshwar Hailung, 15 km


If you want to read about this trek in detail, then you can get more good information by clicking here.


Satopanth - The one's walking on the path of Pandavas this track can be started from Mana, the last village ahead Badrinath. This medium category trek of a maximum height of 3800 meters can be done in 4 to 5 days. All the fatigue goes away on reaching the Supernatural place after walking around for 50 kilometers.


First day – from Mana to Laxmi Van, 9 km

Second day – Laxmi Van to Chakratirtha, 11 km

Third day – from Chakratirtha to Satopanth, 3800 meters, 5 km

Fourth and Fifth day – back to Mana from Satopanth in 1 or 2 days


Rudranath - Rudranath Temple which is one of the Panch Kedar has many ways to reach there. The popular one is from village Sagar to Rudranath Temple via Panar Bugyal. (Neeraj Jaat has written) You can back from the side of Kalpeshwar or Mandal.

The second way is by going from the Mandal side can do it from Sagar or Kalpeshwar side.

The third way is ( Ramya Jogi has written) by going from Kalpeshwar and lands in Sagar or Mandal.


Among the three routes, the route of Kalpeshwar has fewer ascents than other routes. And you can see Kalpeshwar with Rudranath at the same time, that is, both Kedars can be done together. You reach to Panar Bugyal by going from Kalpeshwar or Sagar, which is the most beautiful place of this trek. You get the facility to stay and eat on all the three routes while traveling. It is enough if you can carry a sleeping bag with you.


Rupin Pass -  This trek of medium to difficult category covers the height of 4600 meters and has to walk around 65 kilometers in 6 to 7 days.


Khaatling to Kedarnath - This difficult category trek of 5400 meters of height can be done in 9 to 10 days by covering up the distance of 100 kilometers. 

Naag Tibba Trek - You can get off to Tathyur starting from village Pantwari near Mussoorie or can be back to the same route. Conquering a peak of 3000 meters is considered as an ideal for the beginners.

First day – village Pantwari to Base Camp

Second day – from Base Camp to Naag Tibba peak and back to village Pantwari

nag tibba trek

Gomukh–Tapovan trek - The trek started from Maa Ganga's origin  Gomukh glacier is Gangotri Dham for the world whereas some people also go to Tapovan above the Gumukh.


First day – from Gangotri to Bhojvasa

Second day – from Bhojvasa to Tapovan

Third day – back to Gangotri from Tapovan

Gaumukh trek

Bhavishya Badri - You can reach this temple from Tapovan, 15 kilometers ahead of Joshimath. Travel of 12 km can be done in one day. 

So friends, In this post I have tried to cover many of the treks of Garhwal. Still, there are so many treks left of this area who could not be placed here. So, I will talk about them ever again. 

Some of the treks of Garhwal which I know and I have not put them here are Kedarnath, Ransi to Kedarnath, Vasuki Taal, Kalindi Khaal, Auden's Col, Nanda Devi Base Camp. 

And apart from this, please let me know about the treks which are left so that I will try to tell their information either in this post or another one


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TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron: Popular Treks in Garhwal Uttrakhand
Popular Treks in Garhwal Uttrakhand
Garhwal is a beautiful place of Uttarakhand. There are some treks that tourists from abroad too come to do. Everything is there in Garhwal but the tre
TravelUFO । Musafir hoon yaaron
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